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Lash Clean

Lash Clean

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Looking to increase the longevity of your lashes? 

Lash Clean is a powerful, yet gentle oil-free makeup remover. The only 100% vegan formula on the market that is safe for both false lashes and lash extensions to help extend the wear of your lashes. Our false eyelash cleanser removes the most stubborn makeup, dirt, sunscreen, and even waterproof formulas.


Our false lash cleanser is special for its first of a kind oil-free formula that is safe for false lashes, lash extensions, and your natural lashes.  Non-greasy, this makeup remover ensures your false lash band retains its longevity and shape. Our lash cleanser is safe for the entire face makeup removal leaving you feeling refreshed!

Good to know: 100% vegan and free from alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and fragrances. In 100% fully recyclable packaging


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