Collection: Lash Beginner Set

Includes bestselling Effortless Lash Kit + Magnetic Effortless Lash Kit + Glue & Go Pen for our best intro into false lashes!

Effortless Lash Kit
This beginner-friendly lash kit has everything you need to apply your first pair of lashes. No measuring or trimming is required – just glue & go!​ Effortless Lashes are comfortable, lightweight, natural-looking false lashes for everday wear. Plus, they can be used 25+ times!

Magnetic Effortless Lash Kit
Lash application in just 2 steps! Simply apply Lash & Go Eyeliner and let the magnets do the work. Our no-measure, no-trim magnetic lashes have 8 rounded magnets that are comfortable and provide strong all-day hold. This kit is perfect for beginners looking for easy application!

Glue & Go Pen
This beginner-friendly lash adhesive pen makes it easier than ever to apply false lashes! Our clear formula means no eyeliner skills are needed, simply line, lash and go – you’ll be able to apply lashes in seconds with our easy-to-use and mess-free lash glue. Perfect for beginners.